Request Offer

Thank you in advance for the interest you show in our company. We have implemented this tool in order give you an idea of what this will represents in terms of budget and deadline for your project.

The offer concerns:

  • Setting out 3D model
  • Setting out 2D piping plans
  • Setting out isometric drawings (list and quantity of welding points)
  • Setting out Billing of materials (piping accessories)
  • Setting out pipe support specifications

This offer may be completed upon request by:

  • PID Update
  • Installation plan update
  • “As built” documents update

We wish, first of all, to fulfil your expectation, and we commit to do it fast.
To this end we ask you to fill in exhaustively the form, so you be able to receive an offer at the level of the communicated elements.
If you wish to obtain a final offer with firm budget and deadline, please email us at  the following documents: PID, building plans.

Personal Information


In order appreciate the density of the project please fill in the following fields.


Fill in the number of the pieces of equipment involved in the project.


Based on P&ID, please fill in the number of lines involved in the project. In case P&ID are not set out, we can estimate in figures the P&ID setting out, based on PFD.

A line may be a main collector. A line may be a piping departing from the main collector and supplying equipment or connecting to another piping.

A line may be a drain line. The vent pipes may be considered as pipelines according their complexity. We make a distinction between the new lines, the lines to be dismantled and the lines to recover.

A few specifications: