Who are your customers?
Our customers are industrial companies, engineering and construction companies operating in the petrochemical and agricultural and food sector.

Why work with Moreau Engineering? 
Working with us means first outsourcing part of your studies (projects) and gaining time so you can focus on your specific activity. By reducing the volume of studies, outsourcing will optimize your costs and increase productivity.

Working exclusively for a lump sum requires a flawless assessment of the project to be executed.  This is the rigor that we put at your service.


What is the company’s policy on compliance with data confidentiality?
By the nature of our company’s activity, we are faced with the situation of using sensitive documents (Process, CDC, etc.). We pay particular attention to complying with the rules of confidentiality. You clearly do not want the fruits of your research and experiments to be disclosed in any way.

Sensitive to observing intellectual property rights, we believe it is important to create a climate of trust with our customers before starting our collaboration.

We commit to each of our customers to not use for other purposes the information plans on the technical, commercial or advertising plans.

Direct management or "lump sum"?
Our company only collaborates in “lump sum” regime.
It is true that for certain projects, it may be difficult to certainly forecast the time for study, but we will try to break down the work in order to identify the missing information and to minimize the risks to your study in order to propose a work for a "lump sum".

"We welcome comments from our customer" is a given that we take into account when we calculate the time required. The time needed to wait for information from your client is not taken into account. In our calculations we take into consideration only the actual study time. 

Generally, we allocate a resources availability time after the final delivery of the documents so that you can modify or add an item left out in your earlier comments.


Who will be my interlocutor from a commercial and technical point of view?
Starting from the first contact until the end of the project, you will have one and the same interlocutor. Your commercial contact will answer all your questions and will help you define the project to be executed. This is also your technical contact and is responsible for conducting the study and guaranteeing the quality of the work.


How is the work performed?
Depending on the type of service, we approach the work in a different way.


Drawing execution
• First presentation to the customer for reviews
• Integration of the reviews from the client, benchmarking the equipment, accessories and identification of the number of lines
• A second presentation to the customer for final comments 
• Draw up the list of lines, materials and tie-in 
• Send documents 
Process study:
• Making brief sketches (2D or hand) showing the general drawing of the process area
• First presentation to the customer for reviews 
• Integration of the reviews from the client and drawing up of the 2D plans (or 3D, depending on complexity) 
• A second presentation to the customer for final comments 
• Drawing the isometry specifications and bill of materials (valves and fittings)
• Send documents 
 Various plans (update plans or copy from paper to .dwg):
• Drawing the plan (or updating it) 
• Presentation to the customer for reviews 
• Integrating comments 
• Second presentation to the customer for final comments 
• Integrating the comments and sending the documents.


I would like to contact you, what should I do??
Call our phone number: +040 730 102 018.
Send an e-mail to: jnm@moreau-engineering.com