S.C. Moreau Engineering S.R.L. provides professional services of structural design for dwelling houses, villas, and holiday houses on classical structure of masonry, reinforced concrete frameworks or mixed structure at the most advantageous prices.

We make a detailed calculation of your construction in accordance with the newest normative provisions (Eurocodes). S.C. Moreau Engineering S.R.L. compelled recognition through quality, seriousness and by the experience proved in solving the most complex problems:

1. Design of structural frame and of the structural model:
Based on the architectural plans we will design the structural model of the future construction. Depending on your requirements, we are able to propose a large range of solutions concerning the construction system, for the lowest material consumption, time and price of execution. For example: classical structural system of masonry, of reinforced concrete frameworks or of a mixed structural system.

2. Calculation of strength:
The calculation of strength will be made in compliance with the European norms and standards in force (Eurocodes) as well as the normative laws adopted at national level. Depending on the location of the building and the action at which it may be submitted: permanent, useful, exceptional, etc. we will design the building that observes proportionally the appropriate criteria. Sizing of elements will be made both at ultimate limit states and as serviceability limit states, from the most unfavourable combinations of loading, in order to ensure strength, stability and service life of your construction.

3. Selection and sizing of the infrastructure system:
Based on the superstructure of the building and on the geotechnical survey of the land of the location, we will select the most suitable foundation system for your construction. Thus, the behaviour as a whole of the structure is in accordance with the conditions of strength and stability ensured by the design standards.

4. Building thermal performance calculation:
In order to carry out the activities under comfort conditions, the building must comply with certain criteria of thermal performance. Upon request of the client, we are able to ensure a thermal performance appropriate to the activity level, by creating the respective arrangement in layers of the elements of thermal insulation.

5. Achieved strength plans:
• 2D Plans:

• Digging layout 
• Foundation layout with details of foundation
• Foundations belt and the support plate on land layout
• Lintel reinforcement layout
• Little poles/poles reinforcement layout
• Beam reinforcement layout
• Floor belts reinforcement layout
• Access stairs reinforcement layout
• Plate /floor reinforcement layout
• Roof framing, sections, details

6. Excerpts of bill of materials:
We provide to our clients an approximate price of the future building based on materials consumption: concrete excerpt, reinforcement excerpt and wood material excerpt. If you wish a house made by a professional team, compliant with the newest standards at an advantageous price, just contact us.