The company MOREAU ENGINEERING SRL is a Romanian company established in 2005 by a French associate, based in Timisoara (the commercial contact is located in northern France)

Our company provides design and technical assistance services (site supervision) for industrial plants in the following fields: 

• Agricultural and alimentation
• Chemistry / petrochemistry 
• Biotech 
• Related sectors 

The field of industrial plants includes several activities. Our core activity is the design of the facility required to carry a fluid from one point to another, including the crossing of equipment and accessories such as valves, pumps, heat exchangers, reservoirs, etc. 

We can help with the study of the facility for different areas (zones) of fluid processing up to the final product desired. 

In this regard we draw up, for the study part, specifications, technical specifications, PFD, PID, site plans, guide plans for roof frameworks/ walkways, civil engineering guide plans, guide plans for reservoirs, bills of material, calculation notes, plans of industrial plant (piping) and isometry measurements (axonometry).

During the various projects we have created partnerships with specialized companies so that today we can help with technical assistance in designing the industrial plant (piping), process automation and during the site supervision phase.